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Waste Water Tank Registration

The Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012 provides for the introduction of a registration and inspection system for domestic wastewater treatment systems. It has been introduced to address the European Court of Justice ruling against Ireland in October 2009 and more importantly, to protect ground and surface water quality (particularly drinking water sources) from the risks posed from malfunctioning systems.

All owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems are required to register their systems. The following must be registered:-

  • Septic tanks
  • Waste Water tanks
  • Treatment systems including bio-cycle systems
  • Non standard systems such as drains and soaking areas.

Property owners are obliged to register the system for houses rented or let out. Houses that are unused or unoccupied, but are connected to a septic tank must also be registered.

Inspections will commence in 2013. Formal notification will be issued by the local authority before any inspection will take place.

Registration is €50 but  this is reduced to €5 if registration is completed within the first 3 months up to September 28, 2012. Registration and payment can be completed online, alternatively registration and payment can be made in person at your local city or county council office. Registration and payment can also be submitted by post to Protect Our Water, P.O. Box 12204, Dublin 7.

Registration forms can be downloaded online or are available from libraries and city / county council offices.

Registration must be completed by Feb 1, 2013. Late registrations do not attract automatic penalties but it is an offence not to register and penalties can be court applied. It will be necessary to obtain a 'certificate of registration' when selling or transferring a property. The certificate of registration will only be issued to those who have registered their domestic waste water system.

Registration last five years and properties must be re-registered after this time but with no additional registration fee payable.

The registration site is